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Monday, January 17th

Meet 26-Year Trading Master Marc Nicolas

Marc Nicolas is a former Hedge Fund Manager, Proprietary Firm Trader at JP Capital, Founder of DayTradingZones, a popular research and analysis platform for institutions and the retail trader. 

Marc is a professional trader of 26 years & considered one of the REAL MONEY REAL ACCOUNT top trading mentors in the industry. His multiple techniques taught in his online Blueprint have been proven through millions of dollars in yearly trades with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gains and losses, with Real LIVE market experience to help traders for the past 15 years…

Mark your calendar 2022 Intensive Mentorship Bootcamp starts
Monday, March 21st

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See What Our Traders Say

“It’s amazing to watch how price action follows the zones…spot on. This is where my trading day starts.”


San Jose, USA

“It still amazes me every day how accurate these daytrading zones work…I regret I didn’t find about these zones many years ago”


Brussels, Belgium

“Finally I found some pre-market analysis that is more than just information…a precise road map for day trading…excellent stuff!”


Chang Mai, Thailand