DayTradingZones.com is a leader in the industry… Founded by Marc Nicolas, The Day Trading Zones, formerly known as The Power Zones have helped lots of traders for many years, providing them with a solid Day Trading blueprint and also the founder of the DayTradingZones Think Wealth Differently Communities. What’s new is the Day Trading Zones are now available for multi-markets and you can download them to add to your NinjaTrader and eSignal charts and use them on whatever instrument you like.

Marc is a 26-year trading veteran who cut his teeth as a proprietary trader for JP Capital a division of Andover Trading, and since 2002 has been offering Stocks and options trading Private Mentorships made in Real-Time.

The DayTradingZones was born out of simplifying Marc’s own trading, so instead of watching a multitude of screens, charts, indicators, the idea was to group everything into one chart per symbol to make faster, easier decisions with a simple visual tool, answering the key fundamental trading questions, where are the major supports and resistances, what is the larger trend, what is the immediate trend, where to enter, place a stop loss and where to exit.